Keyboard shortcuts


Toggle full screen mode Alt + Return
Display</link> context help / credits page F1
Reconnect network F5
Switch to next layout TAB
Switch to previous layout Shift + TAB
Toggle mouse info update on/off F6
Toggle real-time curves display Enter / Return


CTrl + F... Key go to specified layout


Create new snapshot Space
Create new sweep snapshot Shift + Space
Create new average snapshot Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Space macOS: alt + Space
Update first selected snapshot Windows: Ctrl + Space macOS: Ctrl + Shift + Space
Delete selected snapshot(s) Delete
Load snapshot project Ctrl + O
Export selected snapshot(s) Ctrl + S
Select all snapshots Ctrl + A
De-select all snapshots Escape
Select next snapshot Down Arrow
Select previous snapshot Up Arrow
Add next snapshot to selection Shift + Down
Add previous snapshot to selection Shift + Up
Select first snapshot Home
Select last snapshot End
Toggle selected snapshot Main</link> curve on/off 0
Toggle selected snapshot Coherence</link> curve on/off 1
Toggle selected snapshot Mag curve on/off 2
Toggle selected snapshot Phase</link> curve on/off 3
Toggle selected snapshot Spectrum curve on/off 4
Toggle selected snapshot IR curve on/off 5

Impulse Response

Add delay Ctrl + Add (NUMPAD +)
Subtract delay Ctrl + Subtract (NUMPAD -)

Delay Finder

Increment delay by one sample Add (NUMPAD +)
Decrement delay by one sample Subtract (NUMPAD -)
Find</link> delay Ctrl + F
Reset</link> delay Ctrl + NUMPAD 0
Compensate delay Ctrl + D


Toggle generator on/off G


Refresh all meters M

Metering history

Set Timecode offset T
Reset</link> Timecode offset R