Layout mode

Pure Analyzer offers a number of user interface layouts designed and named according to typical tasks:

The layouts are grouped into categories, as described below.


For recording and mastering studio applications, these layouts allow simultaneous monitoring of the spectrum amplitude and spatial distribution, program level and phase.

Film mixing

Provide an overview of the signal amplitude spectrum, phase and levels.

Film C & D provide Stereo Vector Scope + phase in addition.


Special emphasis is put on controlling program level, spectral equilibrium and spatial image. These layouts all offer a Nebula / Spatial Spectrogram, a Vector/Surround Scope, Spectrum Amplitude and Level Meters, in different size combinations.

Live sound system alignment

These layouts provide the elements needed by the live sound engineer when performing speaker array calibration tasks, namely delay finder, level meter, transfer function magnitude, phase and coherence spectra, impulse response, and snapshot facilities.

Live - Show

These layouts are intended for use by a live sound engineer during the course of a show, allowing for constant monitoring of the principal level and spectral indicators of the FOH mix.

Metering statistics

Overview of all metering data at a glance.

Layout contents matrix

Some layouts might not be available in your Pure Analyzer edition.