Display range

Display range can be switched from a fixed reference interval to one that automatically adjusts to the current range of spectrum magnitude values. The latter is useful as a set and forget setting and works well to display the most vertical detail, at the expense of losing the ability to visually compare the current values to a reference level.

dB Min/ dB Max

Sets the minimum and maximum magnitude to display, in decibels. This is visible the range of the display that is taken into account when auto-range is off.

Default range is -18dB (min) to -114dB (max).


When engaged, auto-range continuously adjusts the display to the current range of the data.

Default is off.

A slight envelope is applied to the auto-range values in order to improve legibility, avoiding the display to follow every minor change. Peaks are always registered however, as these provide valuable information that should not be missed.