Principle of operation

Nebula / Spatial Spectrogram provides a unique representation of the audio material in terms of spectral content and localization in the stereo and/or surround space. Its combines the functionality of a spectrum analyzer and a vector scope in a novel real-time display. As such it provides to be an invaluable tool to get a complete and detailed overview of your mix, which you can finely tune in many aspects to suit your particular needs and preferences. A lot of work has gone into optimizing the real-time rendering of the display, not solely for aesthetic reasons, but because we wanted the display to react instantly to all the details in the incoming audio. The idea is literally for you to be able to see what you hear and feel, and not some gross simplification wrapped into shiny eye-candy, however pleasing to the eye.

The overall principles behind Nebula / Spatial Spectrogram are quite straightforward:

Nebula / Spatial Spectrogram display with stereo input Nebula / Spatial Spectrogram display with surround input

Nebula / Spatial Spectrogram setup options