Controls display persistence, i.e. the “fade to black” amount for a frame. Lowering this value retains past particles longer, whereas increasing this make them disappear faster.

Size factor

Controls the size of individual particles with respect to screen size.

Blur kernel size

Controls the radius of the blur effect applied to past particles. Particles are “smeared” more and more as they become older, depending on this setting. Naturally, a bigger value increases the smearing, at the expense of processing power.

Choosing the value for this setting is really matter of taste, although please keep in mind values that above 5 will require a sufficiently powerful graphics card in order to maintain a responsive display.

Particle scaling

Toggles automatic adjustment of particle size with screen size. When enabled, the overall aspect of the display will remain similar even if the view size changes.

Color mode

Provides the following particle-coloring modes: