Vector scope setup options


Over-sampling factor in multiples of FS, that is the incoming audio is up-sampled as necessary to reach this multiple times 48kHz. Increasing this value increases the display precision and reactivity, at the expense of a little CPU overhead.


Controls</link> the amount of particle blending with the current image, from 1 to 100%. A higher value gives more priority to the incoming audio over past frames.


Controls</link> display persistence, i.e. the “fade to black” amount for a frame. Lowering this value retains past particles longer, whereas increasing this make them disappear faster.

Size factor

Controls</link> the size of individual particles with respect to screen size.

Blur kernel size

Controls</link> the radius of the blur effect applied to past particles. Particles are “smeared” more and more as they become older, depending on this setting. Naturally, a bigger value increases the smearing, at the expense of processing power.

Choosing the value for this setting is really matter of taste, although please keep in mind values that above 5 will require a sufficiently powerful graphics card in order to maintain a responsive display.

Color mode

This defines how the particle color is determined:

Particle start/end colors

Sets the particle color range to be used.