The Nebula | Surround scope displays a representation of how a surround signal’s various components are distributed in a surround environment. The inner region displays the location of the signal frequency components in the selected surround configuration, while the outer ring shows the phase-correlation between channels.

Phase correlation between adjacent channels is shown as white section with a length proportional to the correlation. Additionally, L-R phase correlation is displayed on the top portion of the ring, and L-C and C-R inter-channel phase correlations are displayed just above the top of the ring.

Physical locations of the speakers for the selected configuration are marked on the ring itself for reference.


This is the typical surround speaker arrangement for musical reproduction.

Nebula Surround scope in Music speaker mode


This mode employs equidistant speakers arranged as an equilateral polygon.

Nebula Surround scope display with equidistant speaker mode selected


This arrangement employs speakers arranged on a square.

Nebula Surround scope display in Square speaker mode


This is the typical arrangement employed in movie theaters, with redundant rear channels.

Nebula Surround scope display in Theater speaker mode