Metering statistics

The metering statistics view shows a synthetic view of the current and past meter values in numeric form. It also serves to process multiple existing audio files in one pass, display and export the results to disk.

Metering statistics display


The display shows the average and range for the various level meter values, since the start of the application or the last time the meter was reset, in a spread-sheet type view.

Peak, TruePeak and RMS

Mean as well as overall minimum and maximum values are shown. For min. and max. values, the corresponding Timecode position is also indicated.


As EBU R128 Loudness already incorporates statistical computations, only the current values are shown.

File export

Exports a report containing a summary of the metering statistics data to a text file.

Clicking the button brings up a standard file dialog where you can specify the desired file name for the dialog.


Absolute Timecode

Toggles between relative and absolute Timecode display. See TimeCode for more information.