Initial setup

Throughout this documentation, we will refer to the measured signal processing chain as the system (sometimes called device under test in electronics literature). This system input is fed with a source signal, which produces a response signal at its output(s). Both source and response are recorded and monitored by the analyzer, from which several measurement curves are produced.

The first step is therefore to setup the measurement chain. In cases where an outboard or plugin device’s characteristics are to be measured, this is just a matter of routing the inputs and outputs in your DAW.

If you’re measuring the acoustic response of a physical space, you’ll need to place at least one microphone at the preferred listening position to record the response. The source can either be picked up directly at the DAW output or recorded with a second microphone placed in front of the loudspeaker(s), depending on whether you want to include the loudspeaker’s influence or not in the measurement.

System analysis overall principle.