Snapshot list and controls

The snapshot area shows a list view, where one or more snapshots can be selected. The selected snapshot(s) will be highlighted accordingly, both in the list and the corresponding display(s), with increased curve thickness.

Selection and navigation

The snapshot list follows standard user interface guidelines, which means you can:

Add new snapshot

Clicking the icon immediately creates a new snapshot, stores it on disk, in the folder, adds it to the current project and selects it.

Acquire sweep

The button launches acquisition of a sweep snapshot. This special type of snapshot automates the acquisition of transfer function and impulse response curves using a swept sine generator output.

Please check the following for proper operation:

Providing the previous requirements are met, a progress dialog will then be displayed until all data has been acquired and the snapshot is computed and ready for display.

Ensure the outputs of the generator and the connected speakers are set to reasonable levels in order to prevent damage to your equipment and hearing loss.

Create average

Click the button with multiple snapshots selected to create a new snapshot average of these.

The new snapshot curve data is computed from the selected snapshot data as follows:

The averaging can only be performed if the snapshots are compatible with one another, that is they have identical:

A warning message will inform you the averaging cannot be performed if one of the above conditions are not met.

The snapshot average stores the average of the snapshots at the moment it was created. If you change the snapshots in any way, the snapshot average will not change.

Update current

Clicking the button will overwrite the last selected snapshot contents with the most current data.

This is especially useful when you are fine-tuning your measurement setup and only want to keep the latest one, without creating several snapshots and deleting them afterwards.

This function is destructive: there is no means to revert the original snapshot data.

Load project

Opens a dialog box where you can select an existing folder containing a previously saved project.

To create a new empty project, creating a new folder and name it, then selecting using in this dialog.

Curve visibility

For each snapshot, you can control which curve should be displayed. These controls are intended to select only those curves that you really need to be displayed when there are many visible snapshots, and still maintain a legible display:

The default visibility of newly created curves can be customized in Display defaults.


Opens up a color selector dialog where you can manually set the color used to identify the snapshot, both in the list and as a curve.


By the default, newly created snapshots are given the name unlabeled-x, where x is the current number of snapshots in the project. You are strongly encouraged to edit this name for further reference.

Invert (Iv)

Inverts the magnitude curve of the Transfer function.