Main Setup

These parameters are global for all Elixir instances. They are saved on the preferences document folder, and are commun for all the DAW.

Display Quality

Set the display refresh of the UI. Default: 30 fps.


Allow to choose the input/output config of the plugin. The field is editable or not, according to the DAW.

UI size

Set the plugin size.

If you choose a too big size and cannot change it anymore, please close the UI of all Elixir instances, and delete “Preferences” on “/Documents/FLUX SE/Elixir”.

Report latency

Allow to report the latency to the DAW or not. Default: On

Process in multithread

Parameter set by default according to the DAW, defining if the automation is processed on the main thread or on another thread. Please tweak this parameter only on FLUX:: support request.


All plugins are controllable by OSC.


Enable OSC control, IN and OUT.

Input and Output port and IP address

Set it according to the destination port and IP number, and the network wanted.