Design of digital signal processing algorithms and implementation in Max: Jean-Marc Jot (Espaces Nouveaux / Ircam).
Objective and perceptual characterization of room acoustical quality: Jean-Pascal Jullien, Olivier Warusfel, Eckhard Kahle.

Additional contributions by Gerard Assayag, Georges Bloch, Martine Marin, Véronique Larcher, Guillaume Vandernoot and Khoa-Van Nguyen.

C++ development code : Thibaut Carpentier , Remy Muller; additional contributions: Gael Martinet.

Thanks to Xavier Chabot, Eric Daubresse, Gerhard Eckel, Serge Lemouton, Gilbert Nouno, Laurent Pottier, Manuel Poletti, Leslie Stuck, and Zack Settel for instructive discussions and advice.

Ircam R&D Director : Hugues Vinet

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Collection Manager for Flux:: Gael Martinet

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Manual: Lorcan Mc Donagh/Thibaut Carpentier