Spectral Envelope

The Spectral Envelope allows for complex remapping of the spectrum envelope, according to a freely definable curve. At startup, the spectral envelope is a diagonal line, giving a 1:1 remapping of the spectrum, i.e. no modification.

(56) Spectral Envelope

Toggles Spectral Envelope processing on and off.

(57) Full Size Display

Toggles the size of the Spectral Envelope editor, for detailed editing.

(58) First formant region

The first transparent gray square indicates the region of the first formant (200…800Hz) for an average human voice, which corresponds to the first resonance of the vocal tract, and the gray disks to the average peak resonance location (500Hz). Alongside with the second formant, this is the area that has the most influence when processing voice.

(59) Second formant region

Second formant, ranging from 600 to 2.8kHz, peaking at 1.5kHz.

(60) Spectral Envelope Curve

The curve defines how the input spectrum frequencies, on the horizontal axis, are remapped (transposed) on the vertical axis.

Defining and modifying the curve is done by manipulating line segments using the following methods