Preset Management

From the Plug-in interface

A-B Sections

A plug-in features two preset sections : A & B. Clicking on the slot of a specific section reaches the shared preset bank.
From the preset management window you can select the preset you want to recall in the specific preset section.


Save replaces the selected preset by a new one under the same name featuring the current settings. If you want to keep an existing preset without your new modifications, just select an empty place into the preset list, enter a new name for this modified preset featuring the current settings and press Save.


Once a preset is selected from the preset list it must be explicitly loaded into the section A or the section B by using the recall button. A preset is effective only after it has been recalled.
Double-clicking on the preset name from the list, reloads the preset into the selected slot.

AB Slider

This horizontal slider has no unity nor specific value display. It allows to morph current settings between two loaded presets. A double-click on one side of the slider area toggles between full A and full B settings. The results of an in between setting can be save as a new preset.

From the Preset Management Window

The Preset Management Window features three preset banks:

A Preset can directly be recalled into the preset section selected by the morphing slider position, by double-clicking on its name on the list. The preset lists can be filtered. This filter is applied to any preset information such as name, description, author, comments or key words.

Recall A

Recalls the selected preset into the corresponding location.

Recall B

Recalls the selected preset into the corresponding location.

Copy A and Copy B

These buttons allow to easily create a variation around a preset.


Update the current preset with current settings.


Creates a new preset in the list.


Creates a new preset in the list based on the currently selected one.


Gives access to an edit window where you can change the preset’s name, description and add optional key words, the author’s name, etc.


Suppresses the selected preset.


Saves the preset to a file on disk.


Adds existing presets into the preset bank.

Sorting arrows

Moves a preset up and down in the list for sorting.

When engaged, the preset is protected, and any subsequent modifications or edits are allowed for the original author only. This comes in handy in a multi-user configuration. Protected presets can of course still be loaded or deleted when the user logs under a different computer session.