Preset Management

Save (43)

Save replaces the selected preset by a new one under the same name featuring the current settings. If you want to keep an existing preset without your new modifications, just select an empty place into the preset list, enter a new name for this modified preset featuring the current settings and press Save.

Recall (44)

Once a preset is selected from the preset list it must be explicitly loaded into section A or the section B by using the recall button. A preset is effective only after it has been recalled.

Copy A / Copy B (45)

The current parameters of a section are copied to the other one. The section A or B is re-initialized with the current values and the morphing slider is parked at 100% of the corresponding section.

Morphing Slider (46)

This horizontal slider has no unity nor specific value display. It allows to morph current settings between two loaded presets. Double-click on one side of the slider area toggles between full A and full B settings.

The results of an in-between setting can be saved as a new preset.

A global preset including the two loaded presets and the morphing slider position can also be saved from preset management window.

Automation Control of the Morphing Slider (47)

Default Value: Off

When this button is disabled, all the plug-in parameters values are recorded when writing automation. The morphing slider is ignored.

When reading automation, if this button is disabled, all the plug-in parameters are controlled by the host automation except the morphing slider.

When this button is engaged, all parameters are recorded when writing automation uncluding the morphing slider.

When this button is engaged, ONLY the morphing slider value is applied when reading automation.

The Automation button must be engaged if the morphing slider has to be mapped on a control surface.

Loaded Preset Display (48)

Preset Manager Access (49)