The Side Chain EQ Section

The band selection can be done with the 1, 2, 3 switches or directly from the graphic display. All band parameters can also be set using switches and knobs or from the EQ-Curve graphic display as described below. A Double-click in the graphic display area of the EQ-Curve magnifies it. A new Double-click toggles it back to standard size. From a Right-Click on this area, the behaviour of the vertical scale can be selected with: Auto, 6 dB, 12 dB and 24 dB as available choices.

In (39)

Enables the complete EQ section on detector section.

Default Value: Off

Solo (40)

The equalized detector signal can be monitored through the plug-in output when the solo button is enabled.

Default Value: Off

1-2-3 (41)

Three equalization bands are available on the detector section. Each can be selected to use the parameter knobs for settings. Note that a graphic editing is also available from the graphic curve display.

Default Value: none

Filter Type (42)

The filter type can be adjusted individually on each of the Detector EQ bands.

Default Value: Peak

Gain (43)

Sets the gain for the selected band.

Unit: dB
Value Range: -24 / +24
Step: 0.01
Default Value: 0

Frequency (44)

Sets the centre frequency for the selected band.

Unit: Hz
Value Range: 5 / 22K
Step: variable
Default Value: 100 / 500 / 2000

Q-Factor (45)

Sets the quality factor of the selected band if the filter type is parametric.

Value Range: 1 / 100
Step: 0.22
Default Value: 10