10.2 DAW Automation - Manual setup

When you are not using the local audio path workflow, and instead working directly with a connected hardware interface, then you must setup automation manually.

The first step is to go to the Spat Preferences and Enable OSC

You then need to set up an OSC port and host route, in order to connect with Spat plug-ins via OSC. The port and host should match that of the Spat plug-ins. If you are running Spat and the DAW software on the same machine, then the IP address is always the so called LocalHost ( - the port must be the same as in the Spat Plug-ins. Remember that the index number of each Spat plug in links it to a virtual source with the same index - or in the case of a Spat Room plugin - it is used to identify which Room you wish to control

!> Some systems require you to press TAB key and not ENTER after editing a field in the Plug-in

★ All SEND plug-in instances in one DAW arrange will have the same IP in the DAW but different and unique Index numbers