10.3 OSC Connections Matrix

There is a lot of flexibility in the OSC Connections matrix. You find it in the Spat Preferences page. It is great for setting up networking, given the possibility of multiple network destination, source and message configurations.

The matrix switches serve as a way to filter some messages out, if you are not using them or to alter the message format if you need to. For example, if you do not want to automate Room and Master parameters, you can switch them off in the matrix. These switches are useful for debugging and improving critical network performance.

The Matrix pull down menus identify a specified IP and Port to be either an In receiving data into Spat or an Out destination where Spat will broadcast control messages generated from user interactions with parameter dials and source positional data.

For example when you want to record movements of a Source’s parameters and positional data, the Spat Send plug-in must be configured to be receiving on the same IP and Port number specified in (only one) Out destination in the OSC connections matrix.

About the activation filters:

Send ÆD - Activates Azimuth Elevation and Distance Polar co-ordinates

Send XYZ - Activates XYZ Cartesian co-ordinates

Sources - Activates all Source related automation

Rooms - Activates Rooms and reverb related automation parameters, only sent by Spat Room Plug in (not Spat Send)

Master - Activates master gains, mutes and solo related automation