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First of all, thank you for purchasing Spat Revolution. We hope it will provide you with new levels of productivity, creativity and experience in sound design. Our goal was to deliver the most comprehensive real-time spatial audio renderer ever designed, and to make the whole process of spatialised audio production powerful and intuitive for beginners and professionals alike. Our real-time audio environment provides easy access to some of the most advanced spatialisation algorithms currently available, at the very best sound quality currently possible.

‘Spat’ is short for Spatialisateur in French. It is a real-time audio library that allows composers, sound artists, performers and sound engineers to control the localisation of sound sources in virtual and real 3D auditory spaces.

Spat Revolution wraps the ‘Spat’ processing library in a luxurious and characteristic graphic environment to help visualise many aspects of a spatial audio composition in realtime. This graphic interface allows sound mixes to be composed as interactive spatial models existing in Virtual Room. High definition graphic displays like the unique Nebula analyser for example, can simulate how sound sources localise their direct sound over different speaker setups.

In addition, Spat contains a powerful multichannel reverberation engine which can be applied to design and add a sense of auditory space in studio mixes and realtime on location.

Artificial Reverberation Editor

Spat Revolution maintains the highest audio quality

throughout the entire signal flow