2.2 iLok License Manager

If you already have an iLok user account, licenses will have been connected directly to your account. Skip ahead to the next section guiding you through the Flux Center.

For new iLok users, the first step is to download and install the iLok license manager available on the home page of the iLok website. When your user account is successfully activated and the iLok license manager correctly installed, you can start the software and log in to your iLok user account.

Pressing on the Sign In button will allow you to connect to your account. After Logging in, you are now ready to transfer any licenses to a computer or to any iLok USB key if you happen to have one. The process of transferring a license is as simple as dragging the license from the Available tab to your Local Computer on the left side.

You are then set with a license on your Local Computer or on an iLok USB key.

If you require further information about iLok and managing licenses please refer to website.