4.2 Rendering To Speakers

In order for the virtual scene to translate correctly as an immersive sound experience in a speaker format, SPAT needs to have an accurate model of a multi-channel speaker arrangement which will be used to map the multi channel information to the destination speakers and render the sound field correctly in a real space. To this end, you will find a large library of standard and specialised speaker arrangements already built into SPAT which can be used in various places throughout the Environment Setup.

Speaker configurations can be used to fit the format of a virtual room to match the actual speaker system being used to diffuse the mix in a real room. Channel based speaker configurations can also be used to transcode the format of a virtual source into a virtual room. More about this later.

The golden rule when working with multichannel based audio is that you must be sure to choose exactly the right formats, speaker arrangements and channel routing throughout, otherwise the virtual space will not map correctly into a physical space.