4.8 Rendering to Ambisonic Format

As you gain a better understanding of how Spat Revolution works and the spatialisation technologies that underpin it, you will see that one advantage it has over other surround audio software is that the end format of your spatial sound composition, dœs not necessarily need to be fixed. In fact, when working with Spat Virtual Rooms which can output Ambisonic formats you may decide to encode a virtual scene to disk as interleaved Ambisonic audio, which is independent of any fixed speaker setup. You are then free to decode the Ambisonic information into any channel based format at any given time with accurate and consistent results.

For example, an Ambisonic composition could be decoded live to any given speaker system using Spat Revolution for the live control and spatialisation of sources in realtime - or a pre-composed Ambisonic composition could be decoded to disk instead. In the latter case, it is possible to render versions of the Ambisonic encoded spatialisation decoded for different channel based output formats in Spat Revolution.

The decoded result will then be normal, multi-channel audio files suitable for playback on a specific speaker configuration, such as 5.1 or 7.1 or whatever deliverable format was requested. Such decoded multi channel files can be played independently of Spat Revolution on location using a normal multichannel playback system.

★ If you are delivering multichannel files to another engineer or client always label the stems as clearly as possible!