5.1.1 HRTF

HRTF is an abbreviation for Head Related Transfer Function. The function is a mathematical model of the filtering effect caused by a listener’s own head, external ear and torso. This filtering plays a significant role in the way we localise sounds around us and is unique to every individual.

When synthesising binaural monitoring, a perfect result could be attained by rendering through the exact HRTF that matches the body filtering effect of an individual. In practice this is not easily done, so Spat Revolution offers many different choices of pre-analysed HRTF profiles which you can apply for monitoring and encoding binaural audio. You can manage the selection of HRTF profiles in the Spat Revolution Preferences where you will find a number of different profiles including the option to load your own HRTF. The default HRTF is the Kemar dummy head model, which is often used as an all round generic head and shoulder filter.