5.1.3 Binaural Monitoring Module

In the Environment Setup of Spat Revolution, you will find a module dedicated to Binaural Monitoring. Its purpose is to monitor any kind of speaker setup using headphones and binaural encoding. This can give you an impression of how your spatialisation might sound on a particular channel based system when you are off location.

You can add a Binaural Monitoring Module by clicking on the + icon of the Binaural Monitoring row towards the bottom of the Environment Setup graph. The module is very simple to use. It will automatically detect the type of channel based audio stream you connect into it.

The Binaural Monitoring module works by virtualising each speaker, not each source, so any real world speaker phenomena will be reflected in the binaural rendering. For example, a virtual source positioned in the centre between two virtual speakers will be rendered with the same ‘phantom speaker’ in the binaural monitoring as in the physical world, because there is no virtual speaker at the centre point either.

To listen to the binaural stream on headphones, you should select the HRTF you would like to use for the encoding, and connect the output from the module to a dedicated output module at the bottom of the graph. The output should be routed to the headphone monitor outputs of your audio hardware.