5.1.4 Binaural Rooms

★ For the best Binaural Monitoring set up two rooms, one all Channel Based going to speakers and one Binaural for a 3D headphone mix.

The Binaural module is great for easy channel based system monitoring. But it is not the best binaural experience we can provide with Spat Revolution. The best way to work with binaural encoding in Spat Revolution is to use a Virtual Room which is binaurally encoding each virtual source at its exact position in a virtual space, rather than virtual speakers. In fact, in a Binaural Room there are no virtual speakers being modelled. Instead each source’s direct sound and the reverberation it creates are modelled and synthesised binaurally for each individual source.

This advanced processing can result in an excellent binaural experience; more precise and natural sounding than the Binaural Monitoring module. It is the preferred method to use when rendering Binaural content to disk. To do that, you simply need to connect the binaural stream from the room directly to a (stereo) SPAT Return path back to your DAW. You could record and listen to a Binaural Room by using two output modules, one to the recording route, and one to a headphone output.