6.7.4 Channel Based Setup Examples

If the output configuration is set to be Channel Based , then the user must decide on the appropriate Panning Type to work with (see section 5.6). The loudspeaker array selected in the Speaker Arrangement pulldown menu will be ‘virtualised’ in the Room and all the speakers will appear graphically.

★ Speaker Arrangement also defines the number of output channels

The spatial composition of Virtual Sources is governed in the Virtual Room by the characteristics of the currently selected Panning Type and speaker positions. In other words, the panning type is simulated inside the Room on the Speaker Arrangement model. Artificial Reverberation (see section 8) is also modelled in relation to the speaker arrangement in a Channel Based Room.

Additionally, the powerful Nebula Spatial Spectrogram is highly dependent on the virtual speakers model, panning type and simulated acoustics of a Channel Based Room. Let’s take a quick a look at Nebula before continuing with the Room types.