Appendix D

Spat Revolution Credits

Project Manager: Gaël Martinet Hugo Larin

Designer: Gaël Martinet

Application Development Gaël Martinet Siegfried Hand Antoine Lorence Alexis Gentil

DSP Development (for “Spat~” see below) Gaël Martinet Maxence Grandidier Lorcan Mc Donagh

Graphic design Nicolas Philippot Gaël Martinet

User Guide and Documentation Cristian Vogel Hugo Larin

Additional contributions: Vincent Carlier Anders Tveit

Flux:: Framework development Gaël Martinet Siegfried Hand Antoine Lorence Lorcan Mc Donagh

Additional contributions: Alexis Gentil Hadrien Marquez Vincent Carlier Jean Cruypenynck Pablo Arias Samuel Tracol

Flux:: Framework graphic engine Emmanuel Julien (GS lib) Gaël Martinet

Additional libs: NuXPixels (Magnus Lidström) spline lib (Joachim Klahr) LibJpeg Freetype 2 Zlib Boost

Additional Python modules: argh (Andrey Mikhaylenko) Crypto (Dwayne C. Litzenberger) Docopt (Vladimir Keleshev) ecdsa (Peter Pearson) enum (Ben Finney) ipgetter (Fernando Giannasi) paramiko (Jeff Forcier) pathtools (Yesudeep Mangalapilly)

psutil (Giampaolo Rodola) watchdog (Yesudeep Mangalapilly, Google, Inc) yaml (Kirill Simonov) winshell (Tim Golden) six (Benjamin Peterson) Request (Kenneth Reitz) RTTrPM (Blacktraxx)

“Spat~” Digital signal processing algorithms and implementation in Max Jean-Marc Jot (Espaces Nouveaux / Ircam).

“Spat~” Objective and perceptual characterization of room acoustical quality Jean-Pascal Jullien Olivier Warusfel Eckhard Kahle

Additional contributions: Gerard Assayag Georges Bloch Martine Marin Véronique Larcher Guillaume Vandernoot Khoa-Van Nguyen Markus Noisternig

“Spat~” C++ dsp code Thibaut Carpentier Remy Muller

And thanks to all fantastic testers…

Flux:: Special Thanks to Alain, Yves, Bruno and Claude for helping to shape our minds over the years HAL for its support

Ircam Special Thanks to Xavier Chabot, Eric Daubresse, Gerhard Eckel, Serge Lemouton, Gilbert Nouno, Laurent Pottier, Manuel Poletti, Leslie Stuck, and Zack Settel for instructive discussions and advice.

Ircam R&D Director : Hugues Vinet

IRCAMTOOLS Collection Manager for IRCAM: Frédérick Rousseau

Collection Manager for Flux:: Gaël Martinet

Orléans, France,
All Rights Reserved.

IRCAMTOOLS SPAT and “SPAT Revolution” Copyright 2020 FLUX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING and IRCAM. All rights reserved.

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