Snapshots are an important part of a live show. It can be used to capture an audio scene into SPAT Revolution. Sources, rooms and master properties will be stored in a snapshot. It allows a complete transformation of the soundscape, with interpolation.

!> To use snapshots, timecode needs to run in SPAT Revolution.

Two ways to run the Timecode:

The timecode activity is apparent in the bottom left of the screen. If timecode isn’t running, the recall will fail.

Timecode running

Snapshots could be controlled by the dedicated menu, and with OSC messages.

SPAT Revolution_snapshot_recall

Create a snapshot

We can create a snapshot:

Recall a snapshot

Recalling a snapshot will interpolate all the current properties with the stored values of the snapshot. Different options could alter the snapshot running:

This option is available in the menu “Snapshots/Options recall.” The values are ranged between 0 and 3600 seconds.

As all the properties are stored into snapshots, this option gives us the possibility to enable or disable the recall of some properties. The recall of each section could be separately activated.

!> Be careful with the Room properties recall, changing some properties like Reverberation Density or Size causes reverb reconstruction (and audio drops).

Snapshots handling

Different actions could be executed with snapshots:

Handle snapshots with OSC

Different actions are available for handling snapshots with OSC messages:

The snapshot name could be added in argument.

Index: the snapshot index to recall. It can be replaced by the snapshot name.

Time: optional, it will define the recall time. If not given, the default value is 0s.

Recall Effective Selection: optional, if the value is True, the sources’ selection on the snapshot creation will be recalled. It’s the default value. If False, selection will not be recalled.

Recall Actual Selection: optional, if the value is True, only the parameters of selected sources’ will be recalled. Else, all the sources will recalled (default behavior).

Index: the snapshot index to update. It can be replaced by the snapshot name.

This will return the list of the snapshot, index and name.

This will return the total number of snapshots.

Index: the snapshot index to rename. Name: the new name of the snapshot.

Index: the snapshot index to remove. It can be replaced by the snapshot name.

!> Be careful: there isn’t any confirmation.

State: 0 will disable the recall of related objects, 1 will enable it.

/snapshot/options/recall [State] [State] [State] takes the three options (sources, rooms and masters)