SPAT Revolution files and folders

SPAT Revolution files

SPAT uses 3 different file types:

.json are the main files of SPAT Revolution: sessions are saved in this file type.

To save a session, click on the “Save session” button on the Setup page, or use the shortcut Ctrl + S on Windows, or Cmd + S on Mac, on any page of SPAT Revolution.

User created custom speaker arrangement(s) can be exported or imported as .ioconfig files in the edit speaker config window.

Reverb preset can be stored and exported as .reverbPresets. They can later be imported back into a session.

Preferences and ressources files

Users/.../Document/FLUX SE

Users/.../Document/FLUX SE - IRCAM


The FLUX SE Folder contains a subfolder named Config which has 3 files:

A subfolder named Preferences containing:

A subfolder named Shell containing:

The FLUX SE - IRCAM Folder contains preferences and presets of the three SPAT Revolution plug-ins.

The Ircam Folder contains a subfolder called sofa which contains the sofa.catalog.xml file. The HRTF catalog.

When backing up a system, make sure to copy all these folders to secure the complete software configuration.

Paths for python script


Users/.../Document/FLUX SE/Spat Revolution

An example of a script file is the customSpeakerArrangement that can be used as a method to add arrangements to _SPAT Revolution_.