SPAT Revolution’s Heritage

SPAT Revolution is underpinned by 30 years of technical research and development in acoustics and sound.

Behind SPAT Revolution is the partnership of FLUX:: SE and Ircam in Paris, France. Founded in 1977, Ircam is one of the world’s leading public research institutes in the fields of musical expression, science of music, sound and acoustics. The first result of this partnership was the plugin suite IRCAM Tools. In that release was the first incarnation of SPAT as a DAW plugin based on over 30 years of research with Ircam’s Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team. After decades of development the next step was the full production environment for spatial audio - SPAT Revolution through the elegant simplicity of the graphic interface, SPAT Revolution represents a formidable achievement. It brings together the technical expertise from decades of academic research and development at IRCAM into an easy-to-use package that is flexible and powerful enough to meet all the demands of spatial audio production, from day to day surround sound post-production to the most challenging realtime installations. As you will discover, SPAT Revolution can handle a virtually unlimited number of input and output audio streams and is prepared for all formats and 3D-audio workflows currently available or imaginable in the audio industry.

Although this user guide cannot cover every technical aspect of the algorithms and expert knowledge contained within SPAT Revolution we hope you will feel assured that the science behind the sound is absolutely correct.