Import Speaker Array

For systems that are regularly changing such as in live production, setting up the speaker configuration in the simulation software and then repeating it in the immersive software is not the most fun part!

To ease this part of the setup, you can now import from software of Nexo (NS-1), Adamson (Blueprint), d&b (ArrayCalc), CODA Audio (System Optimiser) and the standard EASE software.

This import is integrated into the Speaker Arrangement editor where you can find the Import from button.

image To begin is the FLUX IOConfig. This is the FLUX:: speaker arrangements file format. This can be a great tool to export and save your FLUX:: arrangements or to import an arrangement into another session / computer system.

In SPAT Revolution, it is important to understand that speaker arrangements DO follow the session file. So if you are opening a .JSON with an arrangement new to your system, SPAT Revolution will copy that arrangement and it will then be part of the user-created arrangements. In consequence, this new arrangement will be accessible for any new SPAT Revolution session.

If you care to know where these arrangements are stored, Document/FLUX SE/Spat Revolution/Config is where your master IOConfig file, containing all the user-defined arrangement, is located. Note that the repertory Document/FLUX SE/Spat Revolution is now the folder that contains all of your SPAT preferences. If you ever need to erase your preferences, for troubleshooting purpose, remember to export your speaker arrangements first, and then back them up outside this folder.

How to import a speaker configuration from


In EASE software, open the project, and click Edit Project Data on the upper toolbar. In the new window, click on Edit toolbar button, then Loudspeakers, File and finally Send table to file.

A popup window will open, asking to use only selected rows. If you want to export all the speakers, click on NO. Select the target catalog for the text file you are going to generate, and click on save. The newly created file can now be imported in SPAT Revolution.

Chances are the reference point used in EASE won’t be the central reference point typically used in SPAT. Simply use the Transform speaker arrangement option. Typical, you will want to offset X / Y position or Rotate the arrangement 180 degrees.

Nexo NS-1

In NS-1, to export all the speakers : Go to the Speaker Positions Windows, Speakers/Speakers Position or Ctrl + P. Select all the Speakers, and click on Export, File.... This will export a .txt file, readable by SPAT Revolution.

Adamson BluePrint

In BluePrint, to export all the cabinets: Go to the Cabinet tab. In the line Cabinet Group, click on the 4th button, Export All Cabinets. This will export an .arys file readable by SPAT Revolution.


d&b ArrayCal

In ArrayCal, export all the sources with “Files/Export/EASE/Coordinates of all sources”. This will export a .xld file readable by SPAT Revolution.




Speaker import from Excel template