Inputs Module

SPAT Revolution itself does not play audio files. The input blocs are here to access to audio streams and process them in the SPAT Revolution spatialization engine. Input blocs are represented at the top row of the signal graph.

There are two types of input blocs:

To create a hardware blocs, click one of the + button at the left of the row. To create a software bloc, instantiate a SPAT Send plug-in in a DAW and activate its local audio path. You will find more information on local audio path in the 8.5 Plug-ins: Local audio path section.


Allows to edit the name of an input. It is possible to edit several names at once by selection several blocs and clicking on the “Input Name Wizard” button in the inspector.

Inputs configuration

Input stream types are : channel-based, HOA, A-Format, B-Format, UHJ, MS, Binaural and Transaural.

For more options related to stream type, check the Setup Page section.


Give access to the routing matrix

!> This option is only available on hardware input.


Basic true peak metering for each block’s channels.


Each input comes with a delay which can be useful:

The delay can be set in samples, milliseconds, or distance unit (meters if metric system, feet otherwise). This can be chosen on the Global panel of the Preferences page.