Master Section

The Sum row of modules is used to mix the output of two or more rooms of the same output configuration and in some contexts, to sum inputs directly without the use of room.

The Sum module can handle different input configurations. It will Sum channels based on their channel names, so a correct naming convention is important. Summing a 5.1 and 7.1 rooms together will output a 7.1 where their common L, C, R, Left and Right Surround rear channels will have content summed from both rooms the but Left and Right Back surround will be only from the 7.1 room.

Summing can also be done directly in Master and Output Modules, but summing into a Sum module will save resources if the same sum is performed in different blocks.

The Master Transcoder row of modules offers an opportunity to consolidate the various formats you might have been mixing into one (or more) formats for final output routing by the Output modules. The same options and routing are available as in the Input Transcoder modules.

The Master bloc gives you a last gain staging control, as well as down mixing capabilities. When opening its matrix, it is possible to patch several inputs to one output, or, one input to several outputs.

Master matrix

Finally, the Binaural Monitoring row provides a way to decode the whole scene to headphones only in binaural 3D.