SPAT Revolution Remote

Completely supported by the recent release of SPAT Revolution 22.9 and powered by Open Stage Control a modular OSC controller/server, this new tool provides a web-based solution for remotely controlling SPAT Revolution. Being a web-based solution, it makes it compatible with various operating systems (OS), such as tablets and iPads, without excluding computers, even better with touch screens. It even supports simultaneous clients (remote browser) if need be.

The SPAT Revolution Remote communication adopts the basic ADM-OSC normalized grammar for source positioning while expanding it to most SPAT Revolution OSC control messages.


The first installation step is to download the resources. A config and a patch files are available for download via in the FLUX:: Center

FLUX:: Center SPAT Revolution Remote

This install the resources in:

To operate this server, you will need to download and install Open Stage Control, The application (server) that runs in the background and allows a web remote client access.


Once installed, you can simply run the Open Stage Control application and configure it. According to your system, a Windows or macOS config file were downloaded. This config file can be simply loaded to Open Stage Control pressing the three dots on the right side of the interface.

Load Config

Simply locate the config file in your folder:

This config file will provide a default configuration with predefined OSC (9400 and 9401) and Web server (9410) port numbers.

SPAT Revolution Remote Config

The last step is to simply run the server. Simply press the Play button and the server will be up and running. The console will show all the client session info for all the available network interfaces with the computer. Run Server Server Info

By default, the actual user interface of the Remote control will appear on your computer. You can actually use it but can simply close it if you strictly intend to use it remotely.

If you rather not see this interface every-time the server starts, you can add true to the no-gui field. But you are serving any browser in all cases.


!> *Important: ** *Please make sure to open the server before opening SPAT Revolution.


You can optionally engage the autostart so every-time Open Stage Control is started, the server will run. You can as well make Open Stage Control part of the launch of your computer so it will always be there running for you.


SPAT Revolution configuration

Configuring SPAT Revolution requires to set the OSC Connection Input and Output ports for the SPAT Remote Server. Predefined presets simply need to be chosen for the input and the output. These presets include the ADM-OSC transformation presets which offer the ability to scale the normalized positioning data to the desired range (the object positioning zone). By default, it is scaling to a scene of 10 m3 and a max distance of 10m.

These above presets use the default ports and address of the Open Stage Control Config files supplied. By default, the local address is set as it is assumed that the Remote server (Open Stage Control) is used locally on the same computer as SPAT Revolution. This is the most common scenario. If your server is running on another computer, you can simply change the IP address on the server prior to launching it, giving the IP of the SPAT Revolution computer Ethernet interface NIC.

Changing the IP address in the server

Reaching the Remote interface from browser

In the above example, we saw that after launching the server, we saw the addresses that the app was available at:

Server Info

This is basically giving you all the addresses of the network interfaces of your computer that can reach the server as a client (in a browser), and reach the SPAT Revolution Remote. For example, the last one, the represents the hardwire connection of an Ipad - yes, they form a network when you connect them in USB. This makes a more than ever robust remote instead of relying on Wi-Fi (which still works good).

With this, we can then turn to the Ipad and start Safari. It is the preferred browser, simply dial the address shows where the server lies.

Reaching the server from Ipad

Adding the SPAT Revolution Remote as a shortcut(Ipad)

If you would like to have a shortcut on your iPad to reach the SPAT Revolution remote, you can do this with these simple steps. Important to note that if you change the IP address of the server, you will need to redo this step again.

Adding Page to iPad Home Screen 1 25%

Adding Page to iPad Home Screen 2

Adding Page to iPad Home Screen 3

SPAT Revolution Remote page

Although most pages are pretty much self-explanatory, here is a review of the Main and Snapshot pages

SPAT Revolution Main Page

SPAT Revolution Main Page

Release Notes

Release of the SPAT Revolution Remote package