Ultimate and Essential licences

SPAT Revolution comes in different flavors: an Essential and an Ultimate version. Both share the same audio engine and powerful 3D audio capabilities.

The Ultimate license brings the complete set of tools needed for professional already working for immersive audio creation content. It delivers the full flexibility, powerful routing and complex option sets of SPAT Revolution.

The Essential license supports the more common workflow scenarios in a more accessible manner. While it has the same audio capabilities, the intent is for a simpler user experience, with fewer options and a more straight forward approach to immersive audio creation.

Ultimate and Essential : what’s common?

The SPAT Revolution software supports with the same installer (binary) both license options and has the common features listed below:

Ultimate and Essential: Differences

SPAT Essential comes with a set of limitations:

Complete specification is available here.

Ultimate vs Essential sessions

Both Essential and Ultimate are based on the same session. In order to allow for sessions created with Ultimate license to be compatible (or simply opened) with Essential, a simple compatibility dialog tool welcomes you at session opening, offering for a partial read based on the limitations set by the Essential license. Speaker arrangements of any size can still be managed (created, imported, exported) but only valid ones for Essential can be applied to the session.

An Utimate version features, located on the File menu, allows to check if the session is compatible with Essential version.