Ultimate and Essential licenses

SPAT Revolution comes in different flavors: an Essential and an Ultimate licenses. Both share the same audio engine and powerful 3D audio capabilities.

The Essential license aims to be a limited version of Ultimate: same workflow but limited capacities at reduced price.

Ultimate and Essential : what’s common?

The SPAT Revolution software supports with the same installer (binary) both license options and has the common features listed below:

Ultimate and Essential: differences

The main limitations of the Essential license are:

Complete specification is available here.

Ultimate and Essential sessions compatibility

When creating or opening a session that contains elements non-compatible with the Essential license, those elements are simply deactivated (not processed). Thus, an Ultimate session can be opened with an Essential license and vice-versa. See Modules (de)activation and sessions compatibility.

Check Essential compatibility

In the top bar menu, click on File > Check Essential Compatibility to check if the current session is compatible with the SPAT Essential restrictions.

If the session is not compatible, it can be opened with an Essential license, the restrictions due to license limitations will automatically deactivate the non-authorized objects.

If a session contains elements non-compatible with an Essential license, they can be manually deactivated for the session to fit the Essential license restrictions. If all the non-authorized elements are inactive, the session is considered as compatible with Essential license.

See Modules (de)activation for more information about automatic and manual (de)activation.

Essential compatibility mode in Ultimate

The Ultimate license offers an Essential Compatibility Mode, for switching between Essential and Ultimate behaviors without any change in your license authorization.