Preset Management

Syrah, as well as all other Flux:: plug-ins, provides two preset slots referred to as slot A and slot B, which means that you can have direct access to two sets of parameter settings simultaneously. In addition to just recall (33) the settings for each of the slots individually and alternate between their settings, a morphing slider (35) is provided offering the possibility to morph between the slots and their corresponding settings. When clicking on one of the preset slots (38), the built in preset manager appears.

The preset manager contains three preset banks, the Factory bank contains factory presets, this bank is not available for saving of presets but any of the presets can be loaded into a preset slot and then saved into, the User bank, where all user presets are saved. Finally, the Global bank, which is a bit special, here you can save a complete snapshot with all the settings from both preset slots, as well as the position of the morphing slider.

In the preset manager, any preset can be loaded into a preset slot by double clicking on the name of the desired preset in the actual preset list, the preset will then be loaded into the preset slot corresponding to the position of the morphing slider.

Additional Controls In The Preset Manager Window

When saving or editing a preset, an option to protect the preset is presented. The preset protection, if engaged, only allows the original preset author to uncheck and edit the preset. This means that you can protect your presets in a multi-user configuration. Protected presets can only be modified using the session used for their creation. If used in another user session they can only be imported or deleted.

Preset Management Controls

Save (32)

To save a new preset using the built in preset manager, simply click Save in the corresponding preset slot (A/B), and to save changes to your preset, simply click Save again.
If you want to resave your preset under a new name, open the preset manager by clicking the corresponding (A/B) preset slot (38), select New, enter a name for your preset, and press Save.

Recall (33)

Recalls the settings of the corresponding slot.

Copy A/B (34)

To copy all parameters between the preset slots (A to B or B to A), press the Copy A or Copy B button, and the parameters from the corresponding preset slot will be copied into the current preset slot. When copying parameters from one slot to another, the preset morph slider will automatically slide to the slot the parameters where copied to.

Morphing Slider (35)

The morphing slider provides mixing between the settings of slot A and B and allows for some very creative tweaking.
The result of the morphing can be saved as a global preset containing the actual settings of both preset slots as well as the morphing slider position.
To save a Global preset, open the preset manager by clicking the corresponding (A/B) preset slot (38), then click Global, select New and enter a name for your global preset, then press Save.

Automation (Morphing Slider) (36)

When enabling the Automation control button, the morphing slider will be exposed and available for both automation read and write.
Though with the button engaged, only the morphing slider value is applied when reading automation.
The Automation control button must be engaged if the morphing slider needs to be mapped on a control surface.

Preset Name (37)

Displays the name of the current preset.

Preset Slot (38)

By pressing the little arrows in the preset slot, the built in preset manager appears