Stereo Tool


FLUX:: Immersive


February 6, 2023

Stereo Tool

Stereo Tool is the perfect tool for correcting the stereophonic image of audio tracks and buses, both for mixing and mastering. The integrated goniometer allows you to easily visualize and identify problems with your stereo signals.

Channel adjustment parameters

  • 1 - Left channel input gain trim
  • 2 - Right channel channel input gain trim
  • 3 - Left channel phase invert
  • 4 - Right channel phase invert
  • 5 - Left channel pan pot
  • 6 - Right channel pan pot

Stereo image adjustment parameters

  • 7 - Stereo width Moving the slider to the right will enlarge the stereophonic image. To the left the image will be tightened.

  • 8 - Stereo pan/rotation
    Refocuses the stereo image

Visualization and metering

  • 9 - Input peak meter
  • 10 - Output peak meter
  • 11-12 - Goniometer
    The goniometer gives informations about the phase between left and right channels. It also gives a visualisation of the stereo image width and panning.

Goniometer interpretation

Identify mono signals

Mono centered

Mono left panned

Mono right panned

Identify issues in stereo signal

Out of phase

Phase issue/ too wide

Hyper-compressed signal