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February 6, 2023

Alchemist - The Alchemist concept

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At first, the wideband signal is split into frequency bands by a slope adjustable cross-over. Each band is individually processed for dynamic. For every frequency band, every dynamic processing section, the compressor, the de- compressor, the expander and the de-expander features its own envelop generator including Dynamic Ratio, Peak amount parameters, L.I.D. (Level independent Detector) and its threshold adjustment. For every frequency band, a transient manager can be inserted pre or post dynamic processing. To achieve a total control on the audio signal, a MS management is available on every frequency band.

Then all the frequency bands are summed to rebuild a wideband processed signal. A soft clipper featuring a threshold for soft knee, and a dry mix control are available.

Alchemist gathers in a single plug-in all the Flux science about filtering and dynamic processing.