Main Section

The source tab is where sources parameters are set and visualized. In essence, input channels are actually fed to one or several virtual sources that are placed inside a virtual 3D acoustic space. The user can precisely control the location of the sources in the virtual acoustic space, and adjust a number of parameters separately for each source.


Note: a variation of this sub-panel is displayed when viewing the reverb tab.

(1) Source

Activates the source tab, where source localization, perceptual and acoustical parameters are set.

(2) Reverb

Activates the reverb tab, where the reverberation characteristics of the simulated acoustic space are adjusted.

(3) Setup

Activates the setup tab, where input, source and output mappings are determined.

(4) Selected Source

Selects the source currently active for editing, which is highlighted accordingly in the visual space representation. Each source has its own set of parameters which is completely independent of others, while sharing the same reverberation engine(s) that depict the acoustic response of the simulated space these sources are place into.


Note: The number of sources and mapping thereof is handled in the Setup tab.

(5) Source On

Toggles the source on and off in the global output mix. Used in conjunction with the solo button below, this allows to switch rapidly between listening to each source in isolation, for precise adjustments or tweaking settings, and listening to all sources simultaneously, which is essential to getting a good balance between the various sources and achieve a coherent mix.

(6) Source Solo

Isolates the currently active source, effectively muting all other sources.