Stereo Pair Width - Subwoofer

(90) Stereo Pair Width

Sets the width of a stereo pair, if previously defined, in degrees.

(91) Subwoofer Speaker Gain

This is the send level value from each of the Spat reverb outputs having the Subwoofer checkbock ticked, expressed in dB (deciBels).

(92) Slope

Slope of the low-pass filter section applied to the subwoofer buss, in dB per octave.

(93) Cut Off Frequency

Cutoff frequency of the low-pass subwoofer section, expressed in Hz (Hertz, default 110Hz). This filter ensures only the frequencies reproducible with a subwoofer are sent to the corresponding hardware output.

(94) Subwoofer Global Output Gain

Adjusts the overall gain of the subwoofer buss.